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언제나 영원히♥

I Do I Do... 영원히 함께 하겠다는 그말 I Do~

я і е ☆★은미


Name : Megan / Meg / 은미
Birthday : 0514
Age : 17

Currently a sophomore in UST. Loves to fangirl (learn to deal with that). Into KPOP and everything related to it. Goes crazy over bags and shoes. Always in the mood for stalking and ice cream. Likes to rip off youtube videos instead of just loading them off the browser because she hates waiting. Also believes in 11:11, just because.

She dislikes sports. The only thing she knows how to play is Table Tennis and doesn't even do well. She loves her drugs : 2ONEDAY (AM & PM) & 슈퍼주니어. She loves making friends. She's also looking for a part time job to support her addictions and her craziness.

Picture Credits : sjzip & someone's scan (please do message me if ever you own this Super Show scan)

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